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Proverbs 15:1   A gentle answer turns away rage, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

Ever heard the phrase, “add fuel to the fire”?

Well, that’s what we do when we try to combat strife with harsh words…

This reaction almost always translates into a situation, which can be described by another expression that we know as “fighting fire with fire”.

We all know that, even if we are guilty of trying this negative reaction that this strategy never works. It is impossible to put out a fire with fuel. In the same way, we cannot extinguish strife, by using insults and offensive language.

Even though water and chemicals can extinguish fires, the best treatment for a raging fire is to stop the flow of whatever is fueling the fire.

Obviously, the prevention of emotional fires is not to start one in the first place, if you can help it. And, if you didn’t start the fiery argument, do your best with the Holy Spirit’s help to put it out before it rages out of control.

Put simply, to stop the arguments that cause strife, we must practise using soft language – gentle words. These gentle words will defuse the situation, and will put out the flames of heated disagreement.

Think of how God speaks to us.

Have you ever had a two sided argument with God?

You never will. God does not argue. God reasons.

Remember this:

Harsh words are firelighters.

Gentle words are firefighters.


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